• MonstaBag is a highly versatile debris removal dumpster bag with a broad range of domestic and industrial applications.
  • It is perfect for construction sites, and was originally designed specifically to help Con Edison remove debris from areas that are inaccessible to traditional dumpsters such as narrow trenches dug along side roads in densely populated urban settings.
  • It is also ideal for clearing debris from underground structures such as deep tunnels, wells, and mines and has been used by several government agencies including the City of New York and the NY Port Authority in subways where trash trailers are simply not feasible.
  • Naturally, MonstaBag is equally well suited for collecting all sorts of debris generated by the building and roofing industry. It is an indispensable tool for general contractors working on remodeling projects, as well as roofers, siders, masons and window installers, because it greatly streamlines the process of debris removal from rooftops and high rise buildings where heavy metal containers are not an option.
  • Likewise, it is the ideal container for hauling general household waste from basements, cellars and crawl spaces and is therefore perfect for plumbers and other contractors who work primarily in areas located below the foundation of a building or residence. Unlike most disposable dumpster bags currently on the market, MonstaBag is reusable and can be filled over and over again.
  • This portable FIBC dumpster bag is also very handy for tree removal and landscaping projects. It can be used not only to collect every conceivable type of yard waste, but can also serve to quickly deliver soil, fertilizer, compost and mulch where it is needed regardless of the topography of the terrain.