These FIBC dumpster bags can also be further customized by stenciling the name of a company on the side of the container. This is not only useful from a marketing point of view because it gives companies the ability to brand their name to the general public, but it also serves as deterrent against theft and facilitates identifying and retrieving stolen or misplaced dumpsters.


In addition to stenciling a customer’s name on a dumpster bag and changing the color of the caution tape and straps, every component of the standard MonstaBag model can be modified to match your specific requirements.

The number of looping straps sewn to the sides of the flexible dumpster bag can be doubled as an added safety measure to ensure that a bag carrying a heavy load does not fall to the ground if one of the lifting straps is damaged. Additional straps can also be sewn around the container to further reinforce a bag.

Likewise these FIBC dumpster bags can be ordered with or without a discharge mechanism and are available in sizes that are larger or smaller than the standard MonstaBag model.


Although MonstaBag is a frameless dumpster bag made from flexible material, it is easy to fill because it remains open and upright during loading. Simply roll the uppper edge of the bag during setup to form a collar about 6 to 8 inches wide at the opening. The collar gives the dumpster bag the rigidity it needs to stay upright and open without collapsing while the bag is being filled with debris.

MonstaBag can be further customized and fitted with an optional metal frame made of steel pipes and galvanized connectors that help support bags during loading. The frames are lightweight, easy to attach and remove, so that bags can be quickly folded or rolled for storage.

PRICE: $275.00 per frame