MonstaBag is a unique reusable dumpbottom big bag or Flexible Intermediary Bulk Container (FIBC) designed for debris removal
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MonstaBag Size - A Really Big Dumpster Bag Designed to Hold Lots of Debris

When it comes to size, MonstaBag is definitely a heavyweight contender.  It dwarfs the largest disposable bags currently on the market and can haul large amounts of debris over and over again. The standard  model measures 36" H x 36" W x 36" L for a total volume capacity of 27 cubic feet, which is over 50 times greater than the biggest heavy duty plastic bag.  This is roughly  equivalent to  200 gallons of milk (note: MonstaBag is not a sealed waterproof container and should never be used for transporting liquids).

When compared to dumpsters and trash trailers, MonstaBag is naturally smaller. However, because it is reusable, it ultimately disposes of the same amount of garbage that can fit in a 30 cubic yard metal container for four times less money.

This highly functional FIBC bulk dumpster bag is specifically designed with a large opening on top to accommodate jumbo sized debris.  This allows MonstaBag to transport significant quantities of small and medium sized debris such as dirt, sand and gravel, as well as large chunks of concrete and asphalt. 

Although objects as large as 51" can fit comfortably through the opening if placed on a diagonal, the bag can actually accommodate objects that are somewhat larger than that.  This is because MonstaBag is made from woven pp, a durable flexible material that stretches  and allows the fabric to expand when filled with debris.
  Dimensions of FIBC Bulk Dumpster Bag - MonstaBag®  (the Reusable Dump-Bottom Construction Bag) - Long Island, NY

If your company needs large flexible dumpster bags that can handle massive chunks of debris or elongated objects such as tree trunks and metal rods, feel free to contact or call 888 635-5570 toll free and ask for MonstaBag, the only dump-bottom debris removal dumpster bag on the market big enough to get the job done.


MonstaBag is a unique reusable dumpbottom big bag or Flexible Intermediary Bulk Container (FIBC) designed for debris removal
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